Used Phone Systems

SELL GreenTek Solutions of Topeka YOUR USED PHONE SYSTEMS!

We pay you the most for your used phone systems!

GreenTek Solutions of Topeka is your BEST choice for selling your used phone systems, which includes all parts and accessories, that allows us to pay you the MOST for your used products. Let us purchase your phones and accessories, circuit boards, computers, laptops, PCs, servers, storage systems, routers, and switches.


Method 1 : GreenTek Solutions of Topeka will purchase your used phone system for a negotiated flat fee.

Method 2: Your used phone system is consigned to us and we sell them for you to get you the most money possible. After we've sold your equipment to a worthy vendor, we obtain a mutually settled percentage and transfer the rest to you.

Method 3 : If the phone system is too old and does not hold any more resale value, GreenTek will still offer to remove it from your location free of charge. GreenTek will uninstall, transport, and properly dispose the phone system.

Our promise to you is:

  • We’ll provide maximum monetary return QUICKLY
  • We make the process seamless
  • We'll provide estimated value of equipment, removal, sorting, inventory management, marketing, and storage
  • We're experts in Topeka, KS at working in most IT Systems
  • We'll handle removal process
  • We'll cover all shipping costs
  • We purchase ALL makes and models
  • You can count on us to deliver what we promise!


  • A brief description of what you have.
  • A few pictures.
  • An idea of the models and quantities, this does not have to be exact.
  • We're dedicated to getting you the most bang for your buck. Contact GreenTek Solutions of Topeka today!713-590-9720