E-Waste Recycling - Topeka, KS

E-waste Recycling - Topeka, KS

An eco-friendly e-waste disposal and recycling service to help your business legally and safely recycle IT equipment in Topeka, KS.

When your IT assets are outdated, no longer useful or have no buyback value, GreenTek Solutions’ e-waste recycling service can help.

Affordable and eco-friendly, GreenTek Solutions follows EPA and R2 (responsible recycling) standards to recycle outdated servers, laptops, cell phones and other e-waste.

GreenTek Solutions prevents pollution in Topeka and saves businesses from expensive fines due to incorrect e-waste disposal, holding extensive insurance policies to prevent client liability.

Why is it important to properly dispose of e-waste?

Businesses that don’t follow e-waste guidelines pay hefty penalties for incorrect e-waste disposal and there are dramatic environmental and health risks to consider, too, for Topeka, KS and the surrounding areas.

When disposed of in a conventional landfill, IT assets gradually degrade, leaking toxins and carcinogens like mercury and lead that can easily permeate soil, groundwater, and nearby communities, leading to severe health problems.

However, GreenTek Solutions’ eco-friendly e-waste recycling solution ensures IT assets and equipment are safely disposed of per R2 guidelines and EPA regulations—and that all residual data is handled safely and destroyed with a certificate of destruction.

From printers and servers to laptops to audio/video equipment and more, our team can help you legally dispose of e-waste with an environmentally friendly recycling program, preventing fines and pollution.

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